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How to Groom a Bedlington Terrier – How to Clip a Bedlington

If you are interested in “adopting” a member of this cute breed then you will need to have an idea about what is required in grooming a Bedlington Terrier.

On the other hand if you already own a Bedlington Terrier then you have probably discovered that whilst this breed is relatively easy to house train, it does require some effort in maintaining a nicely groomed look.

The Bedlington is generally regarded as quite easy to train and definitely loves to go for her daily walk. In fact this breed often loves to run and run, therefore a tight grip on her lead is often a wise stance to take in public places. Being such an active breed, with a hunting instinct, your pet can very quickly get into all kinds of dirty environments, often at the expense of her newly cleaned coat. For example, many love to explore holes looking for possible unsuspecting prey.

So, there is no avoiding a grooming regime with this breed. Let’s read on for tips on how to groom a Bedlington Terrier.

A Bedlington Terrier Grooming Guide

This is a breed that requires regular grooming and clipping. 

These terriers can suffer from ear infections so it is important to keep their ears nice and clean and clipped in the right way.

And of course there is a certain coat style that is typical of most Bedlingtons that have been well groomed.

You might be one of the many adventurous dog owners who have decided to master the basics of grooming their own Bedlington so we have included some very useful videos below that can show you how. 

The Bedlington Terrier Coat Type

Bedlingtons have a lovely, fine coat that requires special care. Whilst it might look similar to a Poodle coat, it is actually quite different.

This breed has a coat that is less likely to add to your housekeeping chores. In fact, its coat type is one reason that can explain its popularity.

With your Bedlington you can expect a coat that is:

  • Non-shedding
  • Single layer
  • Fine and very soft (can be difficult to work with at first but with practice and the right tools, you can learn to manage it perfectly)
  • Lamb-like in appearance
  • Very hairy around the feet

Bedlington Terrier Dog Clippers and Accessories

When it comes to finding tools that can be used for Grooming Bedlington Terriers, you would be well served by following advice offered by the American Kennel Club. Thus, the following grooming tools should stand you in good stead:

  • A robust comb
  • A slicker brush
  • Grooming scissors for tidying up the coat

I would add to this list:

  • Dog Nail clippers
  • A dog tooth brush
  • An appropriate set of dog clippers.

How to Clip a Bedlington Terrier – A Video Demonstration

One of the groomers in the videos below, recommends clipping approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

The following video demonstrates how to groom a Bedlington Terrier using the right clippers. So it is very easy to follow along as you practice.

You can view:

  • How to hold the dog while clipping
  • How to trim the ears, keeping their trademark tassel intact
  • How to clip around the eyes
  • How to clip the jaw and throat area
  • What to do about any staining that might exist
  • How to trim around the nose – a sensitive area
  • How to clip the Bedlington’s tail – again a sensitive area that takes a little skill
  • How to manage battery changeover on the clippers

The tools that this groomer used in her video include:

  • Wahl Clippers

These suitable-for-Bedlington clippers come with 2 battery packs that allow continuous clipping so there is no need to rush the job.

The Arco 45 inch blade, that comes in the teal Wahl clippers, does the job really well on a Bedlington Terrier. The Arco blades run nice and cool during the whole clipping session.

These clippers are also suitable for puppy grooming and you can see how quietly they operate; the Bedlington Terrier in the footage is completely relaxed.

How to Do a Full Body Clip on a Bedlington Terrier

In the next video you can see a full body clip of a Bedlington Terrier that has a longer coat. It also shows:

  • How to keep your dog calm if your clippers are louder than the Wahl clippers
  • Where to start when clipping the body
  • How to manage the shoulders
  • How to move from the head down the back towards the tail
  • How to clip the belly
  • How to clip the chest
  • How to scissor the legs
  • How to clip on top of and underneath the paws
  • How to get the hair the same length
  • How to clip the head, around the mouth, around the ears, under the chin
    • this groomer does the ears a little differently than the first
  • Which parts to scissor
  • Which direction to move the clippers

In this video, the groomer uses a different type of clipper and thus requires an aid for keeping the blades cooler:

Other recommended tools would be:

  • a dog comb used prior to clipping the legs
  • a dog brush used prior to scissoring
  • Pet grooming scissors
  • A hand held vacuum cleaner for getting dog hair off clothes.

Recommended Dog Grooming Equipment

You might already have a favorite pair of clippers or scissors along with other tools. If not, then you can read up about other popular tools used by groomers and dog owners here:

If you also have a need to groom other breeds you can check out the list of dog breeds that we cover here.

In the meantime, enjoy that added quality time spent with your Bedlington terrier while doing your regular grooming regime.

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