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Wash Your Own Dog at Home with a Dog Wash on Wheels or Pet Wash Enclosure

One of the most common questions asked by pet owners is: “What is the best way to wash a dog?” 

And of course, dog groomers usually want to know which is the most appropriate dog bath tub for their particular job.  Most certainly you want your dog to have his own bathing equipment. You don’t was to resort to the family’s shower or bath. And in most cases the wash sink is too small even for a medium sized Maltese. 

So, what do you require? If you are like most other dog owners you are probably debating about which dog tub will better suit your purposes?

Is it a dog wash on wheels for convenience?

Is it a pet wash enclosure to contain splashes?

Is it a pet shower for outside washing?

The best answer, in each case, is: “It depends.”, of course.

Is it the Booster Bath or the Flying Pig portable bath or the Scrub a Dub Dog Tub or a Pet Gear’s Tub or one of the many dog bathing tubs found here (affiliate link). Let’s find out what suits your particular needs.

Bathing a puppy is going to be a whole different experience from scrubbing an older dog. A lot of the ease or difficulty of bathing a pooch has to do with the size, age, breed, weight, and general temperament of the animal.

In general, though, getting the right equipment, and in this case, finding the right bath tub among the many dog tubs available, can make a world of difference. That is why many folks prefer to leave the task of dog bathing in the hands of a capable, professional groomer. Pet groomers have the knowledge, talent, experience, facilities and equipment to handle almost any animal.

Dog Bathing 101: Equipment Matters

Most dog owners want to bathe their own pets themselves in between visits to the groomers. There are benefits in doing it yourself

  • You can save some money on transportation to and from the groomer as well as on the cost of the services performed.
  • Bathing your own pet offers an opportunity to spend quality time in the comfort of their own environment.

All plusses.

But there are drawbacks as well. Anyone who has tried to wash Fifi in the tub or shower knows that dogs can easily get away, leaving a wet and watery mess in their wake. Dog bathing at home can be done more easily and effectively with the right equipment.

Regardless of whether you are a dog owner or a professional dog groomer, when it comes to grooming and in particular bathing,  the right equipment does make a difference. And the right equipment means not only having an appropriate tub but also having an efficient dog dryer

Many Dog Tubs – Which Dog Bath is Right for You?

There are many different kinds of dog baths on the market, each designed to make the process of cleaning up Fido a more pleasant experience for both animal and owner.

When comparing brands, makes, and models, look for the features and benefits important to you. Most pet owners agree they are looking for a way to contain and drain – essentially, to keep the pooch confined and minimize the amount of mess.

Other factors to consider are safety features like restraints and non-skid flooring to keep your canine companion comfortable throughout the bathing process.

Dog Tubs to Suit Different Budgets

Here are some popular dog baths for you to consider:

#1 A Dog Washing Shower & Portable Bath Tub


  • Very portable
  • Light for moving around


  • Limited to a weight of around 150 lbs

#2 A Pet Wash Enclosure


  • Can connect to your existing taps in the house
  • Can use the jets and the shower at the same time
  • This dog wash on wheels can be locked into position


  • Too small for big dogs

#3 Pet Gear’s Pup Tub

For a very economical outlay, you can bathe your smaller sized animals in a two restraint, non-skid pup tub. This basic model keeps your shampoos and treatments gathered together and keeps your pooch from running off.

With dimensions of 18 x 30 x 9 it may not help with larger breeds.


  • Economical
  • Rubber flooring keeps dog from slipping
  • Two tethers to safely restrain
  • Portable


  • Size limitations
  • Strain on the back

#4 Pet Projects Scrub a Dub Pet Bathing System


If you are prepared to invest some more, you can buy a larger, sturdier bathing unit with security latches, traction, and drainage.

The Scrub a Dub Dog Tub has definitely been a favorite.

The walk-in feature makes it especially easy for larger dogs to enter the tub.


  • Easy entry
  • Grooved flooring keeps dogs from slipping
  • Latching restraint
  • Sturdy
  • Screened drain


  • Size may be a factor for storage
  • Less Portable
  • Strain on the back

#5 Paws For Thought Booster Bath


For pet owners looking for it all, the Booster Bath series is certainly worth a look.

It has an abundance of features. Its elevated design means less bending and stooping making it an excellent choice for those suffering from back pain.

Booster bath is highly rated and is the most durable and sturdy of the baths reviewed.

If the adage “you get what you pay for” is any indication, these baths may be worth the investment.

The Booster Baths are available in Mini, Medium, Large, and Extra Large, a size for different dog breeds.


  • Durable
  • No-mess drainage
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Compact for Travel
  • Accommodates all sizes
  • Accessories Available
  • No stooping
  • 360 degree access


  • The smaller tubs are not sturdy enough for huge dogs.

Other Dog Bath Tubs & Equipment

You can find a review on another of the popular Booster baths here: Paws for Thought Booster Bath

If you are a groomer, then you might be looking for a more commercial style of dog washing tub such as listed in this article: Professional Grooming Tubs

If you a dog owner and find that your dog skids around on the surface of your chosen dog tub, try one of these skid-proof dog spa mats:

The Verdict on Dog Bath Tubs

A professional-type dog bath will not solve all your bathing problems. Face it, dogs will shake, water will fly. But in terms of saving time, stress, and strain, they make a lot of sense. While you can certainly wash your pup without a specialized dog bath, once you’ve used one, you may wonder how you ever managed without one.

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For more tips on bathing dogs, in general, check out the post on How to Give a dog a Bath  and Finding a Dog Shampoo.

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