Paws for Thought Booster Bath: Top Dog Wash Station for Home

Finding the right compromise between comfort and cost can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to dog bath tubs. And when I say comfort, I am referring to the groomer as well as the doggy client. So I have gone in search of dog baths that can meet the comfort requirement but still be within the budget reach.

Are You Battling with Your Dog Bath?

One product that meets these criteria is this Booster Bath:

Paws for Thought Booster Bath

It sounds like the Paws for Thought Booster Bath, is an ideal solution for both dog owners and professional groomers. It is written up as hassle-free and able to cut bathing time down significantly so let’s see what customers have had to say about the booster bath.

Highlights of the Booster Dog Bath

The highlights of this dog bath include the following:

  • A mat to eliminate slippage in the dog bath tub
  • Includes leash washers
  • Has a leash restraint with collar
  • Comes with shower nozzle & shampoo caddy
  • Measurements in inches: 8 x 21 x 45

Feedback on the Booster Dog Bath

Feedback has been very, very positive, as at the date of publication of this post.


  • Back-saving – don’t have to lean over.
  • Dogs can’t run away
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Easy to store in between bathing
  • Very stable
  • Has a useful shampoo caddy
  • Very portable
  • Very convenient
  • A real money saver


There were only a few issues that could be classified under this heading and these are relatively minor concerns.

For example, it can take a bit of effort to snap the halves together.

Overall Consensus on the Booster Bath

I should point out that even though the bath comes with a restraint, it is important not to leave my dog unattended during his bath. I would imagine this would be the case with any tub, no matter how well secured.

To get the price on the Booster Bath and to find out if it is currently on special at Amazon, just click here:

Best Price for Paws for Thought Booster Bath

This is one product that will allow you to stop putting off what might have been, up until now, a difficult task.

Some choose to supplement the tub with the Booster Bath Booster Step which can be attached to the booster bath.


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