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Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Reviews – Scissors for Easy Grooming

Do you have hand fatigue from grooming all day?  Then this article is for you.

Poodle clipping is a real art that groomers take a great deal of pride in. But which tools are ideally suited to the very unique Poodle coat and which allow you to work through the day without strain?

Well, for starters, you need some really, really top quality shears, shears that will allow you to master your desired clip as well as allow both you and the Poodle being groomed to feel totally comfortable.

And of course, if your shears work well on Poodles, then you know that you have the other breeds covered as well. Grooming shears for dogs come in all sizes and the right shears allow the groomer’s expertise to shine through.

Geib Cobalt Steel Small Pet Straight Titan Poodle Grooming Shears with Titanium Coating, 10-Inch, Pink

When it comes to dog grooming shears, it’s difficult to go past Geib.

The Geib shears come with handles designed to make extensive grooming much more comfortable for the groomer. This is made possible by finger rests and rubber thumb rings. At last we have shears that allow professional groomers to work throughout the day without the usual hand fatigue.

Highlights of these Grooming Shears

The highlights of the Geib Cobalt Steel Small Pet Straight Titan Poodle Grooming Shears include the following:

  • The blades open and close easily because of their staggered, offset design. This is what allows for what is referred to as power cutting.
  • The blade tension can be adjusted.
  • The shears are made of cobalt steel and have a titanium coating.

And of course these shears come in pink; how apt for Poodle grooming!

Pet grooming shears are indispensable when it comes to having the right  grooming tools. So are you satisfied with your dog grooming scissors? A professional grooming finish requires the use of professional shears. Another popular solution is the Oster Covex2 straight scissors for dogs.

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