Goldendoodle Grooming Styles – Best Goldendoodle Haircuts   Recently updated !

So you are the proud owner of a gorgeous Goldendoodle. What’s not to like?

If you already own a member of this breed, then you will already be quite aware that a good grooming routine is required.


On the other hand, if you are just getting ready to welcome home your new little Goldendoodle puppy then it is probably a good idea to know what is ahead with respect to grooming and just how to go about it. 

To help you get started, I can refer you to some good Goldendoodle grooming tips, including which tools to use

Goldendoodle Cuts

Goldendoodle are generally regarded as low shedding, one of the reasons it is a popular breed among allergy sufferers.  However, their hair does grow longer than many breeds, hence the need for a regular grooming routine. But, because this is a mixed-breed, you can find your Doodle throwing more to a Poodle coat or more to the Golden Retriever coat. It all depends on his heritage. Either way, the coat type probably slots into one of these categories:

  • wavy
  • curly
  • fleece-like

The following video provide an excellent demonstration of how to manage a popular Doodle cut at home.

Popular Goldendoodle Haircuts

So what grooming styles can you explore for this breed? By the way, if you happen to be working as a groomer in a salon, it will be important to know these styles by name as dog owners tend to request a certain style by its popular name. 

The Puppy Cut

If you have already looked at this style as a possibility, then you might have come across its alternate name: the Teddy Bear Cut.

And as we all know, Goldendoodles have that irrisistible teddy bear look., You just want to throw your arms around them and give them a big teddy bear hug. 

This cut is poplar for many of the longer-haired breeds such as Shih Tzus, Pomeranians and Bichons. But it works equally well on Goldendoodles.

Features of this Style

  • It is loosely defined, hence there are many variations that come under the heading of ‘Puppy Cut’
  • A cut used for showing young Poodles.
  • An even-length style all over the body – 1 to 2 inches in length
  • A shorter length style
  • Ideal for keeping matted hair at bay
  • Ears are kept cleaner when your dog is eating
  • Easier to manage bathing
  • Resultant coat resembles a puppy with fluffy, smooth hair

The Kennel Cut

This is a very short style.

Features of this Style

  • Ideal for summer
  • Requires very little brushing until it starts to grow out again
  • Stays cleaner longer
  • Avoids mats
  • Less frequent salon visits required

The Lamb Cut

You have probably already heard of this style for Poodles. But, as you would expect, the Goldendoodle also looks great sporting this style. 

Features of this Style

  • Short length on the body to about an inch
  • Hair on the legs a little longer
  • Easy to manage afterwards
  • This style is done with good quality clippers
  • Scissoring is used only for finishing off
  • A little longer than the Kennel Trim
  • More stylish than the shorter styles

The Poodle Cut

Again this is the style that we are so used to seeing on Poodles, but it also works for Goldendoodles.

Features of this Style

  • Hair is kept short around the face
  • The torso hair is kept short
  • Hair on the legs and tail is left long and fluffy

The Lion Cut

As the name suggests, dogs with this style actually resemble a lion.

Features of this Style

  • Hair around the head and neck is left long to resemble a lion’s mane.
  • Hair on the legs and rest of the body is kept very short
  • Hair on the end of the tail is left long and fluffy, just like a lion’s

How to Trim the Goldendoodle face

Many owner are a little nervous when it comes to clipping the head area, especially around the eye. 

So, in the video below, you can see the groomer scissoring her client as well as using clippers. She demonstrates really well how to clean up around the eyes using blending shears.

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