Dog Training: 50 Dog Breeds Analysed and Behaviours Explained

It is Easier to Groom a Well Trained Dog

When it comes to grooming different dog breeds, it pays to have some tricks up your sleeve that will help to encourage good behavior in your canine client. Of course, if you are grooming your own dog then you will already know the level of obedience you can expect in your pooch.

But, if your pet is a little “agro” when it comes to the sometimes challenging experience of being clipped and groomed, then it is possible that you have already given up and decided to hand him over to a professional groomer for his spa treatment once a month.

Either way, knowing how to train a dog is a must-have skill for dog owners.

And as for groomers, faced with an endless number of different breeds, each breed with its own peculiarities, this book will provide priceless guidelines and tips that can be used in the salon.

The Ultimate Dog Selection and Dog Training Guide

According to readers, some of the best, most comprehensive dog obedience tips can be found in Helena Troy’s book on dog training.

One favorable aspect that comes from a good obedience routine is the fact that the training gives you ideas on how to prevent misbehavior in the first place as well as how to deal with patterns of disobedient behavior that have become entrenched.

Whether you are a new dog owner or the owner of a mature dog or a professional dog groomer looking for ways to bring out better behavior in your clients (the canine ones that is), then you will find a wealth of information in this downloadable eBook (Kindle) or paperback (your choice). 

What This Book Has to Offer

Of course there’s a whole raft of tips on how to encourage obedience in puppies and dogs such as leash training, getting your dog to sit and stay, house training etc. etc. But the topics that you might be interested in with respect to grooming, in particular, are those that address:

  • The nature of different dog breeds and how to best deal with them – 50 different dog breeds are covered with a full explanation of why they behave the way they do.
  • Aggression in dogs
  • Biting
  • Fearful behavior
  • Chewing
  • Running away
  • Plus so many more behavioral issues that confront so many dog owners & groomers

Just imagine, a book that covers the behavioral patterns of 50 different dog breeds! Wow, there is something for everyone here. For example, the book covers breeds such as:

You can see why this book continues to rate so well. It definitely offers lots and lots of content, covering a wide range of topics relevant to both dog owners and groomers.

As an added bonus, you can opt for an audio version of the book.

This book comes highly recommended! I would love to hear, from you via the comments below, which sections of the book you enjoyed the most.

Dog Training: 50 Dog Breeds Analysed and Behaviours Explained – The Ultimate Dog Selection and Dog Training Guide


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