Setting Up Your Dog Grooming Salon -Ideas for Your Business

Aside from the usual tools that every pet grooming salon has, there are a number of other items that go a long way towards making your business more professional or can I say a ‘cut above the rest’.

These items would include management tools as well as beautification touches.

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But first let’s make sure that our must-have list of equipment is covered. This list would normally include:

So, what is missing?

Well, for starters you will want your newly groomed customer to “bark from the rooftops” that she has just come from having her hair styled by the best.

There is nothing that shouts “just been groomed” better than a cute little bow in the dog’s topknot. So let’s see what is available in this department:

Doggie Bow Accessories

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Aren’t they cute!!

And let’s not forget out little boy doggie clients:

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Dog Grooming Customer Clip Cards

Then there is that all-important return customer care. Your human customers will be impressed that you have kept a record of what you did for their pet during the last visit, any recommendations that you made and what needs to be done next visit.

You can keep an electronic record with computer software or, if you prefer hardcopy versions, then you can opt for index folder sheets already set up for the purpose:

Pet, Dog, Cat Grooming Customer Clip Cards (100 Pack Thick 8 X 5 inch Professional Profile Kennel Record Care Service Card)

Keeping the Salon Tidy

It goes without saying that you will have a vested interest in keeping your work area nice and clean. Whilst this is a nobrainer, it is not always the easiest task to keep on top of when you have airborne pet hair to deal with.

Here is one popular choice:

Of course there are many others in the pet vacuum department.

Adding a Touch of Style to Your Grooming Salon

You might also like to decorate your customer waiting room or the front office area with one of these wall vinyl art stickers:

Wall Vinyl Decal Home Decor Art Sticker Grooming Salon Dog and Cat Pets Groomery Room Removable Stylish Mural Unique Design

Now don’t they add a real touch of class to the average salon?

Or how about a cute curtain to divide your waiting area from the dog bathing section?

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And don’t forget to stock up on some of these items:

  • Blankets for little dogs that feel the cold.

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 Have fun setting up your stylish, professional-looking salon or polishing an existing dog grooming business so that it is well-managed and looks ever so inviting to dog-loving customers.

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