Miele s7260 Review: A Miele s7260 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum

Looking for something that is ideal for your battle against pet hair and odors?

Fur happens all over if you let Scruffy and Purr roam free – in every nook and cranny – all over your sofas, floor surfaces, underneath furniture – all over YOU & everywhere else.

On the wish list, of many pet owners & groomers this season, is the serene & agile Miele S7260 Cat & Dog upright vacuum cleaner.

This elegant puppy might just make you WANT TO CLEAN.

Comparison with Other Pet Vacuums

In terms of luxury, Mielie is right up there with the makers of top-quality, high-end vacuum cleaners like Dyson and KENMORE.

It is better than 100% of the vacuums we have tested under $800. – reviewed.com

And it is sleek and curvy in all the right places – it is gorgeous – rather to be used as a pride-and-joy showpiece than hidden in the broom-closet.

The Miele S7260 does everything there is to vacuuming exceptionally well: from reaching those hard-to-get-to-places to cleaning the tiles, floors, rugs, blinds, dusting baseboards, sofas – THE WHOLE SHEBANG!

And it gets around like a breeze.

This model is a cut above the rest.

The Miele s 7260 cat & dog vacuum has earned its label of superb performance! It is nimble, steady, and impressive in so many ways. This vacuum is the latest gold standard for uprights. In case you’ve saved up to replace your greyed & blaring old vac, or looking to replace your budget office-appliance, the Miele brand won’t disappoint!

…a cut above the rest, better and better, supremely better – and all of this is true in my experience. – Customer review: mieleusa.com/Reviews

Where to Buy Miele Vacuum Cleaners

My preferred source is always Amazon because of customer service and because of customer reviews. These provide a wealth of information or more accurately, knowledge.

When you are looking for the best price Miele Cat and Dog vacuum cleaners,  you will find that the Miele s7260 often comes at a discounted rate. If you click on the  link below, you can check if there is a current special that appeals.

Learning to Tango with the Miele S7260

Built into an almost elastic swivel-neck, the Miele cat and dog upright has 360-degree rubber castors that add ballet-like flexibility to using it.

This vacuum literally bends to your every whim!

Pet Vacuum FAQs

How does the the Miele Cat and Dog compare with other brands?

The Miele S7260 is so powerful, it copes with all shedding problems. It is a vacuum designed to tackle pet hair.

Does the Miele’s performance warrant the investment?

Customers are finding that its durability and longevity equates to a lower cost than a cheaper model that has to be replaced every year or so.

How is this pet vacuum on hardwood floors?

You will find that most Miele s7260 cat & dog upright vacuum cleaner reviews will mention the ‘care’ that this unit takes with hardwood floors.

Scratching is avoided by the vacuum being set a little higher for hard surfaces. And one feature that is a real plus on hardwood floors is the front light. This allows you to quickly spot where the offending pet hair is lying so that you can zap it up instantly.

Functionality of the Miele Cat and Dog Vacuum

Unlike some upright vacuums, the S7260 is endlessly maneuverable – this flexibility serves to alleviate back strain that can come from cleaning back-and-forth.

  • It was made to carry the drudgery of vacuuming for you – winding around obstacles with unbelievable comfort to reach into accessible places… between chairs, tables, and under chairs. One hardly needs to move from one spot at a time to vacuum all around.
  • On first ‘driving’ the S7260, you’ll instantly feel what a gentle touch has been built into this vacuum. The balance, the controls, the level adjustments—everything is put together to make the S7260 user-friendly. In fact, all the controls are within close reach. They fast become second nature. There’s even no need for stretching to turn the unit off.
  • The light rubber wheels glide over hard and smooth surfaces like tile and wood flooring without leaving a scratch.
  • It steers smoothly in all directions – It can even be laid flat on the floor, which makes getting under beds, and low furnishings easier than you’ve ever experienced with any other different Upright.
  • With a flip of the foot-switch, the casing unlocks from the floor-head and the rear wheels lift off from the ground & into the vacuum for even smoother sailing. It is almost effortless.
  • The brush head automatically adjusts, so that going from one surface to another doesn’t cause any loss of suction-power. It will easily tweak itself to deliver the same cleaning power when you move from your hardwood-floored kitchen to your carpeted bedroom. You can also manually adjust the brush head by simply flicking a button on the handle.
  • The Filter-Bag indicator will let you know promptly when the vac-bag is full. And the ‘activated charcoal filter’ – which neutralizes pet odors – leaves your environment humming fresh.

Cleaning Performance of the S7260

We set out a mess of macaroni and rice on a bare floor for the Cat & Dog to clean up. When all was said and done, only a speck of macaroni remained.  – Reviewed.com

This German-engineered power-appliance weighs a sturdy 30 pounds. But that is 30 pounds of sheer sweeping power. And it runs quieter than most other vacuums.

If you are looking at getting a deluxe vacuum cleaner, you’d better hope that it cleans as well as it costs. And this is where the Miele S7260 truly shines.

In general, Miele vacs have around 30% more airflow and better filtration.

Test-results show an above average suction-power, even when compared to many other vacuums.

The S7260 doesn’t ventilate at the front like so many other vacs do. So there is no blowing out of dust as it sucks up quickly .

Combined with its superb maneuverability, suction power, and unsurpassed filtration, the S7260 is a perfect cleaning powerhouse.

The Miele Cat & Dog Vacuum Accessories

The S7 comes together with:

  • an extended crevice nozzle
  • a brush for dusting
  • a hose with a built-in telescopic wand
  • a mini turbo brush

Don’t go pillaging the empty box for some of them! All your accessories fit nicely on board – tightly compartmentalized in the rear of the vacuum so that they are always handy & protected when not in use.

The extension hose is built into the body and telescopes out so that you can reach those tight spaces and ceilings. It has a nice long reach. The hose is also bendy enough and the vacuum heavy enough to keep it from tipping over when you’re yanking at it.

The 40-foot long power cord is long enough to cover any large room.

The Mini Handheld Turbobrush is ideal to rid pet fluff, dust, and dirt from fabrics, car-seats, stairs, and tight places.

The bright headlight on the front of the chassis reveals dirt and filth in tight spaces, even though you might not want to see how filthy a living space actually is.

That being said, the quality of the accessories that come with the MIELE S7260 are what you’d expect from a deluxe vacuum… all packed together to get to all of those hidden & hard-to reach places, and to take care of all of your delicate surfaces.

Drawbacks (the cons)

It’s a bit heavy-set
If there’s a hitch about the Miele, then it’s the weight. Hauling the Miele upstairs between a multistory apartment or house can turn into a bit of a workout.

But Besides it’s weight – it glides and delivers ground-action that makes it well worth it.

And if it really comes to it – you can always have one on every landing.

Not everyone likes dirt-bags.

MIELE S7260 CAT & DOG upright vacuum uses “Dirt bags”.

Although this is not a major setback. It scarcely needs emptying since the bags hold 6 Litres of dirt at a time.

One bag tends to last for six months before needing to be replaced.

Refill packs are inexpensive, and the task to replace them is very easy to manage.

It’s a little bit testy on very deep-carpets

Although the S7260 has exceptional cleaning power, it tends to disagree with very deep carpets. Compared to all vacuums, though, the S7 is still first-rate.

Pricing of the Miele S7260

The MIELE S7260 CAT & DOG upright vacuum is a top-quality vacuum. At the time of this review, the Miele S7260 was very reasonably priced for vacs in this performance category. It is probably what we would expect to pay to have our share of excellent performance, stability, and design. If you are looking for durability, then the Miele won’t disappoint. There are other vacuums out there that are cheaper, to be sure, but how many of them could match the attributes that the S7 has to offer.


I hope that this Miele s7260 review has been comprehensive enough to allow you to make an informed decision.  I would love to hear of your experiences with the Miele brand. If you decide that the Miele s7260 cat & dog vacuum cleaner is the vac for you, please drop by and give us your own feedback. I’m sure you’ll be pleased with your new Miele.

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