Groomer’s Best Grooming Table for Dogs: An Electric Table Review

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What do groomers have to deal with day in and day out as they make dogs presentable, clean and ready for a walk out on the red carpet?  …. Frisky pets, an aching back after stooping so low on the table, and a tiresome day. 

But what if there were a product that could make grooming easier for both the groomer and the pet?

The answer may very well be in easy reach with the Groomers Best Electric Table, an ideal grooming table for dogs, one that could potentially save you a lot of time and energy when prepping your dogs.

Groomer’s Best Grooming Table for Pets Review

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Groomer’s Best Electric Low Profile Grooming Table for Pets, 24 by 44-Inch

Groomer’s Best lays out the technology and the best features to create this electric grooming table.

Highlights of the Groomer’s Best Electric Table

This Groomers Best table boasts many nifty features.

The table measures 24 by 44 inches and weighs in at 126 pounds, great for accommodating any dog size and breed, from small to large, big-boned gentle giants.

We know that beginner groomers and professionals alike are thinking:

So what height is this grooming table?

The answer is designed to please, as the electric aspect allows a height adjustment anywhere from 12.5 to 42 inches. No matter your height or the dog’s size, the perfect grooming height is within reach.

The motor can be operated on either of the longer sides so groomers won’t need to unnecessarily restrain their pets while having to go to the other side to lower it.

How about the endless number of accessories you’ll need within easy reach? Groomer’s Best supplies drawers that can hold combs, brushes, nail cutters, hair scissors, shampoo, conditioners and many, many things stored in generous storage spaces.

Keeping the grooming accessories off the platform will lessen the chance of an accident occurring. The surface area is cleaner and there is less clutter. 

A Grooming Table for the Salon

Can the Groomer’s Best Electric Table be placed prominently in a room? You bet it can.

The beautiful, charcoal-grey powder finish, accentuated with cute turquoise and stainless steel paw prints, is complemented by non-skid sealants that have a textured surface for overall safety.

It can be folded down to just 12 inches when not being used.

Common Questions and Answers about the Groomer’s Best Table

So can Groomer’s Best Electric Table really comfortably accommodate a large dog for grooming?

Can you really rely on this grooming table to stand the test of time?

How about those that have uneven flooring?

Previous buyers have said yes, the electric grooming table is quite sturdy and there haven’t been any complaints at all.

People have definitely used it to groom large dogs; for example, a 55-pound Labradoodle and some other large-sized dog breeds.

The grooming table comes with a very useful feature for dealing with uneven floors. There are 4 leg levelers included in each product to solve any such uneven surfaces. You can be sure the table will be evenly flat as you groom your dogs!

Conclusion: A Winning Grooming Table for Dogs!

When it comes to electric grooming tables, it looks like Groomer’s Best have thought of everything a groomer needs with the Groomer’s Best Electric Table.

Inconveniences such as a bad back after a hard day’s work and other minor inconveniences that can quickly add up on a busy day can be banished when you get one of their electric grooming tables.

Even the non-skid surface and professional charcoal grey finish is a nod to the amazing quality Groomer’s Best is well known for.

Whilst this is my assessment of the product, I appear to be in good company with others agreeing that it is an easy-to-adjust, reliable table at a great price. This would suit startups just as it would established salons.

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