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As a dog groomer, you will be expected to be skilled in a whole range of tasks, from clipping nails to mastering different breed cuts such as that required for Poodle styles or for Cockapoo styles. A reputable course can be just the ticket when it comes to getting your education as a pet groomer. The Certificate Course offered by the DKL Training Academy can be completed from the convenience of your own home. It is offered in 2 modes: online or CD. Tutor support is provided and a period of 3 months allowed for completion.

Professional Pet Grooming Course – Certificate Level

Who is this Course For?

This course is geared for people who have not qualified for professional dog grooming certification. At least one year’s experience in the field is preferable.

Dog Grooming Course


Style of Course

This course does not require practical work and therefore is less detailed than the Diploma Course in Pet Grooming offered by the DKL Training Academy. The course is offered in 2 modes:

  1. As An Online Pet Grooming Course – 24 hour access, instant start, work at your own pace. The online student is able to print out all of the course notes to keep a hard-copy version of the manual.
  2. As a CD-Based Pet Grooming Course

1. Online Mode

Course materials include:

  • A Groomer Training Manual Approximately 500 pages. This manual is made available online and includes illustrations along with promotional templates
  • 15 Trim Charts for different breeds
  • Online test access 25/7
  • Tutor support

Lessons in this 12 week course (approximately 150 hours) include topics such as:

  • Breed recognition, dog physiology, dealing with parasites, start up requirements including which tools are needed.
  • Caring for and mainlining grooming tools, grooming apparel, setting up your shop.
  • Step by step procedure to follow
    • pre bathing
    • bathing
    • drying
    • brushing and finishing up
  • Poodle grooming
    • Toy Poodle groming
    • Miniature Poodle grooming
    • Grooming Standard Poodles.
    • Clipping for show
  • Bichon Frise grooming
  • Hair styles for mixed breeds
  • Grooming Terriers
  • Grooming Spaniels & Setters
  • First aid tips

Cost – The Certificate Course is offered at a cheaper rate than the Diploma course.  CLICK HERE to see current pricing on the Online Dog Grooming Course.

2. CD Mode

In this mode, you don’t need to rely on internet access. You can just load your CD and use your computer screen. Materials can also be printed. The course materials and lesson content is the same as for the online version. CostCLICK HERE to see current price for the Pet Grooming Course in CD format.

Dog Grooming Certificate

A certificate is issued upon successful completion of the online tests, an average of 85% or better being the requirement.


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