How to Groom a Dog

Get tips on the basics of grooming your dog at home.

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Dog Bathing Tips – Tubs & Tips for Bathing a Dog

How often you bath your dog will depend on his breed and of course the length of his coat. You don’t want to do it excessively to the point that you eliminate the oils that naturally occur in your dog’s coat. However, there are some guidelines, with tips for bathing a dog, that will allow you to determine the best cleansing routine for you and your pet.


How to Detangle Dog Hair – Use a Dog Hair Detangler Brush

Some grooming is always done by the owner so whether you intend to do all of the grooming yourself or some of it, then you still need to know the basics of how to groom a dog at home. 

Detangling Dog Hair

Tips for Brushing Different Dog Breeds

If you have the time then it is a good idea to brush your dog’s hair for a few minutes each day. it will give you quality time with your pet and produce a shinier appearance in his coat.

How much grooming you need to do will be dependent on the type of dog breed that you have.