Best Professional Dog Grooming Thinning Scissors Reviews – Choose the Right Shears

Clipping dog hair with scissors

If you’re a dog owner like me (I have a Keeshond, by the way), then you know just how important it is to have access to a great pair of dog grooming scissors.

There’s nothing worse that trying to manage the job with half-blunt blades. This is not good for you or your dog, ouch!

Choosing a high-quality pair, however, is easier said than done. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of reviews of thinning shears for dogs to give you a good reference point as to which brands are top-notch – and which ones are less so.

Read on to see which dog grooming scissors and shears might be right for you and your canine!

4 Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Ranked


Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Reviews – Scissors for Easy Grooming

Do you have hand fatigue from grooming all day?  Then this article is for you.

Poodle clipping is a real art that groomers take a great deal of pride in. But which tools are best suited to the very unique Poodle coat and which allow you to work through the day without strain?

Well, for starters, you need some really, really top quality shears, shears that will allow you to master your desired clip as well as allow both you and the Poodle being groomed to feel totally comfortable.

And of course, if your shears work well on Poodles, then you know that you have the other breeds covered as well. Grooming shears for dogs come in all sizes and the right shears allow the groomer’s expertise to shine through. (more…)

Grooming Scissors for Dogs Reviews: The Oster Covex2 Scissor

The Oster Convex2 Heavy 8-Inch Straight Scissor is an easy-to-use grooming shear, perfectly suited for the more difficult coats such as that needed for a Poodle clip. 

It makes it much easier to get through the curly coat, typical of Poodle breeds or the thicker coat of a Bichon for example.

The handle makes for more comfortable cutting because of the fact that you can adjust the tension and it has a finger rest that can be removed if preferred.

Details of the Oster Convex2 Heavy 8-Inch Straight Scissor

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