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The 2017 Dog Grooming Industry –Dog Grooming Career Outlook

It would come as no surprise to learn that more and more people are becoming pet owners.

In the United States, dog ownership has increased from 68 million in 2000 to 78 million in 2012. This is according to the IPPTS Dog Grooming Industry Report 2017, a report that also looks at the growth and career outlook for the year.

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An encouraging takeaway from the report, for current and aspiring dog groomers, is the fact that spending on pets has increased. More money is being spent per pet than at any other time. This is largely as a result of pet owners seeking additional grooming services for their dogs and this would be across the whole spectrum of different breeds that require grooming on a regular basis. (more…)

Pet Groomer Salary – How Much Do Dog Groomers Make on Average? 3

Dog grooming – the hygienic care of a dog and the enhancement of a dog’s appearance – is one sector of the pet industry that can be relatively easy to get into with no, or little, experience to start with. Not only that, it doesn’t have the same barrier of formal education qualifications that so many other professions have.

So, if you love being around dogs and are considering dog grooming as a profession, then you will no doubt be curious as to what level of income you can expect. Therefore, one of your initial questions will probably be “how much do dog groomers make?”. The typical dog groomer salary does of course vary, depending on whether you plan to work in a salon or become a dog groomer running your own business. Either way, this article can give you some benchmark figures to help with your decision.


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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies dog groomers under the category of “Animal care and service workers”. Employment in this sector is expected to increase by 21% in the period from 2008 to 2018. So this is one career path that can be considered a sound choice for those interested in animals and, in particular, interested in working with animals. There are a number of ways that you can learn how to become a dog groomer. (more…)

Dog Grooming Business Models 2

If you are thinking of going into business as a dog groomer then there are a number of setup options that you can consider.

Different Types of Dog Grooming Businesses

There’s quite a range of choices with respect to how you could operate as a dog groomer.  For example, you could opt to be your own boss and work from home, or you could decide to work as an employee under the direction of an experienced groomer. Let’s look at the range of options and choices available to you.

How to Become a Groomer: Pros and Cons of Being a Dog Groomer 2

Is a dog grooming career for you? The dog industry is certainly an area that has a growing market and an associated growing demand for dog grooming services.

If you are a dog lover and you are happy to work with dogs other than your own, as well as happy to communicate with other dog owners, then a dog groomer career could be just what you are looking for.

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Pros & Cons of Being a Dog Groomer

A dog grooming career has much to offer as a profession but let’s look at both the advantages as well as the disadvantages so that you can make an informed judgement about whether or not this is the career path for you. (more…)