Dog Care

Dog First Aid Kits: What to Put in a First Aid Kit for Dogs

Dog Needing First Aid

Dogs are naturally rowdy creatures. They bite things, play rough, and goof around with anything that moves if you leave them alone even for just a second.

Unfortunately, their proclivity for fun also makes them vulnerable to accidents and other health emergencies. This is the reason why all dog owners should have a fully equipped first aid kit for their pets which they can easily utilize should said emergencies arise. And it is no different for dog groomers. A dog first aid kit should be an essential item in a groomer’s equipment list.

arrowDo take note that first aid should not be treated as a substitute for proper veterinary care. (more…)

Dog Health Insurance Cost for Dog Owners and Dog Groomers

Every day individuals are faced with the rising cost of health care and the worries that go along with it if you don’t have health insurance to cover those costs in the event of an illness or injury. The same is true for our pets.

Veterinary care for animals can be expensive and particularly so if a procedure or operation is needed for a medical condition or an injury.

There is no crystal ball to let a groomer or an owner know that a dog will become ill or injured at some point and pet owners can suddenly be confronted with unexpected veterinary expenses that can be very costly. If a pet owner does not have the means or ability to handle the expense they are then faced with very difficult and heart wrenching decisions about how to handle their pet’s future.

The importance of this subject is no less so when it comes to dog groomers insurance. Dog groomers in particular should consider an insurance policy an integral part of their business planning and management. (more…)