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Dog Car Seat Carriers, Booster Seats & Seat Belts: Dogs & Puppies

Transporting Your Dog to the Groomer

You can find some pretty stylish dog carriers for your vehicle. But what matters most is that your pooch is transported from one place to the other in comfort and safety. Plus with Fido nicely secured, you won’t have any distracting ball of fluff trying to clambour up onto your lap while you are driving

Dog Seat Belt

Image by Leo_65 from Pixabay

So what is out there in the market to serve your canine transporting needs?

Dog Booster Seats

How cute is this little pink and black dog carrier!! It also allows you to clip on your dog’s leash, making it extra easy to secure puppies as well.


How to Be a Great Pet Parent – Making Your Dog Feel at Home

The dogs that attend grooming salons are pets that usually come from nice homes. Providing the right home environment for a dog is paramount to his/her health and well-being.

However, as dog lovers and pet groomers, it’s difficult to swallow the following statistics.

According to the ASPCA, animal shelters take in about 7.6 million dogs and cats each year. Unfortunately, only 2.7 million animals are adopted each year. It would be great if this number could increase.

So let’s explore what it takes to provide an appropriate home for a new dog., a dog that can be a happy client when he sees his groomer every couple of months.

Photo by Unsplashed

Becoming a Pet Parent

Jessica’s comments below are probably quite typical of concerns many might have when they first consider adopting a new dog:

I’ve been a pet owner for decades. I know the seemingly infinite joy and love  that comes from having a pet. But I also remember how nervous I was when I adopted my first dog.

–  Jessica

So let’s see what tips Jessica has for us in her article below: (more…)

Dog Skin Conditions and Allergic Irritations 2

I would wager that, like me, you have battled a skin problem with at least one dog in your time either as a pet owner or groomer. And more than likely, you have encountered the problem with many puppies and adult dogs over the years.

Scratching Dog

Yes, dog allergies can be a huge problem. Nobody wants to see their beloved dog miserable with the persistent discomfort that comes from scratching and itching and biting red, irritated skin areas. 


Dog First Aid Kits: What to Put in a First Aid Kit for Dogs

Dog Needing First Aid

Dogs are naturally rowdy creatures. They bite things, play rough, and goof around with anything that moves if you leave them alone even for just a second.

Unfortunately, their proclivity for fun also makes them vulnerable to accidents and other health emergencies. This is the reason why all dog owners should have a fully equipped first aid kit for their pets which they can easily utilize should said emergencies arise. And it is no different for dog groomers. A dog first aid kit should be an essential item in a groomer’s equipment list.


Do take note that first aid should not be treated as a substitute for proper veterinary care.


Dog Health Insurance Cost for Dog Owners and Dog Groomers

Every day individuals are faced with the rising cost of health care and the worries that go along with it if you don’t have health insurance to cover those costs in the event of an illness or injury. The same is true for our pets.

Veterinary care for animals can be expensive and particularly so if a procedure or operation is needed for a medical condition or an injury.

There is no crystal ball to let a groomer or an owner know that a dog will become ill or injured at some point and pet owners can suddenly be confronted with unexpected veterinary expenses that can be very costly. If a pet owner does not have the means or ability to handle the expense they are then faced with very difficult and heart wrenching decisions about how to handle their pet’s future.

The importance of this subject is no less so when it comes to dog groomers insurance. Dog groomers in particular should consider an insurance policy an integral part of their business planning and management.