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Master Equipment Grooming Tubs: Bathing Equipment for Dogs

Master Equipment is one of the best dog grooming product manufacturers in the world today, and with good reason – their excellent range of professional grooming tubs includes signature Master Equipment Dog Baths and Master Equipment dog grooming tubs for sale, for dogs of all lengths and sizes.

But which Master Equipment grooming tub is the best of the best dog washing tubs?

Which grooming tub stands out from all the rest?

Here are 4 top quality Master Equipment professional grooming tubs, compared and given our rating according to factors such as price, durability, features and ease of use: (more…)

Electric Grooming Tables for Large Dogs: 2 Grooming Table Reviews

Finding the ideal Electric Dog Grooming Tables for large dogs can be very, very time consuming. For professional dog groomers as well as dog owners looking to do their own grooming, researching the best grooming tables on the market, before buying, is extremely important.

Most salons need to cater for both small dogs and large dogs so it is best to aim for a table that can suit all. And of course electric grooming tables come with many advantages, not least of which is the ease with which a dog can be placed on the table. Then, of course, there is the added advantage of preventing groomer’s back strain.

However, with constantly changing technology and new products cropping up every week, it can be difficult for those in the dog grooming business to stay informed about the best and most appropriate tables for their needs.

In this article, you will find a review of 2 electric grooming tables for big dogs. It is intended that this review can help you decide which table, currently on the market, you should invest in to spur the success of your grooming business. (more…)

Buy a Quiet Dog Hair Dryer – Reviews of Dog Hair Dryers Online

Deciding which is the best dog dryer for you can be a time-consuming exercise because there are so many pet hair dryers on the market.

Whilst clippers, brushes and shampoos are essential grooming aids, it is extremely difficult to complete the job properly without a good quality dog grooming dryer.

After the Bath Comes the Drying Routine

Depending on the type of coat your dog has, you will want to dry him well after every bath.

Drying a dog after a bath (more…)

Master Equipment Zinc-Plated Steel Overhead Pet Grooming Arm Review 1

A Popular grooming solution, especially good for any pet salon.

Master Equipment Zinc-Plated Steel Overhead Pet Grooming Arm

Who Would Buy This Product?
Dog groomers looking for a pet grooming table arm to support all different dog breeds and dog sizes while grooming  & dog owners looking to groom their own dogs at home.

The purpose of the Pet Grooming Arm is: (more…)