Setting Up Your Dog Grooming Salon -Ideas for Your Business

Aside from the usual tools that every pet grooming salon has, there are a number of other items that go a long way towards making your business more professional or can I say a ‘cut above the rest’.

These items would include management tools as well as beautification touches.

But first let’s make sure that our must-have list of equipment is covered. This list would normally include:


Dog Grooming Appointment Books & Dog Salon Grooming Software

We have talked a lot about the tools and equipment that you would need when working as a dog groomer. What we haven’t talked about yet is what you need in the office itself. What are the administration type tools that would be essential in a salon or, for that matter, in managing a mobile grooming business?

You might prefer hard copies of everything or you might prefer to go the tech route and set yourself up with some pretty nifty salon management software. Either way, you will want to have some cute, eye-catching reminder cards to send home with your repeat clients:

So, let’s see what is available on both sides of the ledger when shopping online.


Pekingese Grooming Tips: Shedding, Tools, Matting, Clipping

The Pekingese history, can be traced back to early China. Around the early 1900s the breed became popular in other countries in western regions, often proving popular with celebrities and the like. 

The Pekingese Temperament

This is a very popular dog breed, not only because of its cute appearance but also because of its temperament.

One could be excused for assuming that little toy dog varieties are also dainty and subdued.

Well the Pekingese breed, while cute and dainty, is a very proud dog that carries itself assuredly and can be quite stubborn in a number of ways. But you can expect most Peningese to be content to sit quietly around the house, preferably on a fluffy pillow.  However, bring out the toys and you will have a very playful, entertaining little dog on your hands. 

The somewhat sensitive Pekingese doesn’t take kindly to any kind of rough play so perhaps this breed is not so suitable around very young children. Watch your hands too if you decide that he has had enough to eat and go remove his bowl before he has devoured the whole lot. 


Dog Grooming Jobs & Careers- Salon Stylist, Mobile Groomer.. 1

Whether times are ‘ruff’ or maybe you find yourself just barking up the wrong tree in life, you may come to a conclusion that you would like to take your dog loving to a new level or just take on a new business venture.

Either way, you’re anxious to get your paws dirty.

Let’s take a look at the wide variety of opportunities in the world of grooming man’s best friend.

But first things first.

Before you begin embarking on this career path, you will need to decide if you want to work for an employer or run the business yourself. If it is the latter, then you will need to decide if your business will be stationary (in a salon) or mobile (going to the customer) and you will also need to acquire the necessary tools.

But even before that, you will need to make sure that you have the necessary pet grooming skills. This might entail learning completely from scratch or it might simply mean brushing up on existing knowledge and building on that. 


How to Be a Great Pet Parent – Making Your Dog Feel at Home

The dogs that attend grooming salons are pets that usually come from nice homes. Providing the right home environment for a dog is paramount to his/her health and well-being.

However, as dog lovers and pet groomers, it’s difficult to swallow the following statistics.

According to the ASPCA, animal shelters take in about 7.6 million dogs and cats each year. Unfortunately, only 2.7 million animals are adopted each year. It would be great if this number could increase.

So let’s explore what it takes to provide an appropriate home for a new dog., a dog that can be a happy client when he sees his groomer every couple of months.

Photo by Unsplashed

Becoming a Pet Parent

Jessica’s comments below are probably quite typical of concerns many might have when they first consider adopting a new dog:

I’ve been a pet owner for decades. I know the seemingly infinite joy and love  that comes from having a pet. But I also remember how nervous I was when I adopted my first dog.

–  Jessica

So let’s see what tips Jessica has for us in her article below: (more…)