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Enroll in a Pet Grooming Course in Texas & Start Your New Career

For those who are keen to learn dog grooming and who currently live in Texas, you can find a link to one such resource below.

Note: Remember to check with the School to see if any of the course details have changed. Prices are listed to give you a rough comparative idea but could change from month to month.

Texas All Breed Grooming School in Arlington, Texas

  • Course: Professional Dog Grooming
    • Type of course: Face to face
    • Duration: 480 hours (12 weeks)
    • Cost of course: $6302
    • Certificate awarded upon graduation
    • Approved? Yes


Learn Professional Dog Grooming Via Classes in Montana

Here are some dog grooming courses that are offered in Montana. If you are considering becoming a dog groomer or you simply want to master at-home grooming then you can click on the links below to get some more information.

Note: Course details are subject to changes (particularly prices) so each of the listed points should be double-checked with the relevant Academy.

Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy – Great Falls, Montana

  • Course: Professional Dog Styling
    • Type of Course: Face to face
    • Duration: 8 weeks full time and part time
    • Cost: $5900
    • Certificate awarded
    • Students can ask for assistance with getting jobs