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Find a Dog Grooming Course in One of the South Atlantic States

Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia  …

If you live in one of the South Atlantic region states, then you can find some pet grooming courses via the links listed below. Each course has some variations in its offerings but as you can see most of these schools list face-to-face learning experiences.

Note: Because course details can be changed at any time (particularly prices) at the School’s choosing, it pays to double-check with the relevant Academy to see if their listings still suit you.

Merryfield School of Pet Grooming in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • Course: Professional Pet Grooming
    • Type of course: Face to face
    • Length of course: 600 hours
    • Cost of course: $11,944
    • Diploma Awarded
    • Approved? Yes
    • Misc: After graduation, the school can help students find jobs or go into business on their own