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Pomeranian Haircut Styles: Grooming a Pomeranian for Style

If you are fortunate enough to share your world with a Pomeranian, you already know how spectacularly beautiful these creatures can be! You might, however, not be so familiar with the different Pomeranian haircut styles that have become so popular. And this is probably invaluable knowledge for you if you have decided to do your own Pomeranian grooming at home.

The natural beauty of the Pomeranian made the breed a favorite in Queen Victoria’s court and this is due in no small part to their lustrous signature, two-layered coat:

There is the undercoat, a dense thicket of softest fur. And then this undercoat is protected by an outer layer of long, straight coarse hair. It’s that combo platter that creates their trademark puffiness and dimension. That puffy foundation gives owners and groomers a number of styling options to work with.