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Cockapoo Grooming Styles – Dog Clippers for Cockapoo Haircuts 2

Because the Cockapoo breed is a mix, the size of a given Cockapoo can vary considerably. You might find that yours weighs as little as approximately 12 lbs (5.5 Kg) but he could also weigh as much as double that. For this reason, you will want to choose an appropriate table for better management of both brushing and clipping.

Cockapoos are adorable dogs with beautiful coats that present groomers with great styling opportunities when they are looking for the best of Cockapoo grooming styles for their doggy client.

Perhaps you have a favorite cut, but if not, check out the Cockapoo haircut styles listed below. I particularly like the Teddy Bear Trim; I think it looks so cute but of course a lot depends on your personal preference as well as the time of year, with respect to temperatures.

The Cockapoo’s Coat

Owners of this cute dog breed love to take proper care of their pet’s coat. Like human hair, the Cockapoo hair grows constantly. Therefore, it should be maintained regularly to ensure it is always looking its best.Naturally the coat type can vary from dog to dog within the same breed. And as you would expect, this variation depends on whether a particular dog has thrown more to the Poodle breed or the Cocker Spaniel breed. Either way, matting can be an issue so it pays to have a top quality grooming brush, one that can do the job needed of a Cockapoo hair brush.