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Yorkie Grooming Styles Grooming Cuts for Yorkies – Puppy Cut 1

How to groom a yorkie

A Yorkshire Terrier is an irresistible pet with that priceless adoring look that is so typical.

If you have a Yorkie or you find yourself grooming Yorkies for friends or clients then it is a good idea to master a few grooming styles particular to the Yorkie breed.

A Quick Guide to Grooming Yorkies

It is also a good idea to learn the particulars of this breed because each breed has variations in the hairstyles they are known for.  Cockapoo haircuts, for example are unique, just as Poodle styles are.  And your Yorkshire Terrier will welcome his own breed style, or at least you will.


Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair: A Dog Shedding Solution

Pet Hair Vacuum

So many people ask: “What are the most effective vacuum cleaners for pet hair?” Well ideally, the vacuum should be capable of managing all tasks, household as well as pet related.

Whether you are a professional groomer, a student groomer or a dog owner, picking up dog hair is going to be a daily chore. It doesn’t matter if you are clipping Cockapoos or brushing Yorkies, cleaning up the hair afterwards will be an ongoing battle.

For many, this can aggravate allergies.

For others, personal grooming is made all the more difficult because of the way that dog hair simply jumps at your clothes. Not a good look at the best of times. Sure, you can use one of the many pet hair remover tools for tackling fur build up on clothes but when it comes to large areas, such as your house or a salon, then you need a more heavy duty solution.

Rather than clog an ordinary house vacuum cleaner here are some solutions that are dedicated to dealing with pet hair as well as the usual household dust and grime.

This post is intended to help you find the right vacuum for your dog’s hair.


A Pet Grooming Table to Take the Hard Work out of Grooming

Having the right pet grooming table is essential to avoid back strain as well as to avoid the possibility of injury to the dog being groomed.

In many cases this means having a table that is adjustable. For others, it means having the correct arm and harness attached to the table. And for others again, it means having a portable grooming table. Either way, it can take a lot of time and research to find one that is highly recommended but still meets your needs.


Learn How to Groom Dogs: Do It Yourself Dog Grooming Guides for Specific Breeds

All dog breeds require a certain amount of grooming. I don’t know of a breed that doesn’t need bathing from time to time, some a lot more than others.  But when you look at the stats, it’s amazing to see how many different dog breeds require extensive grooming and of course clipping.

Need for cordless clippers

We are currently adding to our tips for different dog breeds, but so far, you can find the following comprehensive list of articles that feature grooming specifics on the listed breeds.