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Dog Grooming Apparel: Grooming Smocks, Pet Grooming Aprons & Pants 1

Having the right apparel for dog groomers can reduce the hours you would otherwise spend attending to laundry duties.

An appropriate dog grooming  uniform might be something as simple as an apron that is waterproof, something that will protect your regular work clothing and something that will reduce the need to remove dog hair from your attire

But there is one type of apparel for the workplace, in this case your dog grooming salon, and another type of apparel more suited for leisure.

Salon apparel makes your work day more manageable. This type of clothing is for the sake of convenience. The right type of leisure clothing (with text and graphics) can be worn as a way to advertise your dog grooming services or simply as a way to proudly show off the fact that you are a professional dog groomer.