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A Dog Shedding Tool for Excessive Shedding in Dogs

Low Shedding Dogs
I don’t shed do I?

If you are an animal lover and pets are a part of your life, you know that shedding comes with the territory.

We love our pets but it can be frustrating constantly chasing rolling balls of fur around the house that end up accumulating in the corners or under the furniture.

Trying to get out of the house with a black pair of slacks or a skirt that isn’t covered in dog hair, seems like an impossible task.

Dog hair just seems to be everywhere but if you have a basic understanding of shedding and are aware of dog shedding solutions, frustrations can be significantly reduced.


A Brush for Long Haired Dogs … A Dog Brush for Shedding

The degree of shedding that you can expect from your dog will vary from breed to breed as well as from season to season. And of course this does have something to do with whether you have a short hair dog or a long hair dog.

However, the amount of hair on your dog doesn’t always go hand in hand with the amount of shedding you are enduring. Some short hair dogs can surprise you with how much they shed.

Dog Brushes for Shedding

Regardless of the extent of shedding that you are experiencing from your dog, it is something that you will want to manage correctly, both so that your dog is comfortable and so that your house, not to mention your clothes, can be kept cleaner.


Dog Matting: Handling Matted Dog Hair with a Dematting Comb

If you are a dog owner then it is more than likely that you have had to deal with matted dog hair on a number of occasions.

And getting the tufts out can be uncomfortable for your dog and messy for your living area. It’s amazing how difficult it can be to remove dog hair from furniture, not to mention clothing.

So what really causes dog matting? Are you using the right grooming equipment and does it include a dematting comb? And most importantly, is there a way you can reduce the amount of matting in the first place or better yet prevent it all together?

The following article provides information on what you need to know about the causes of knots in your dog’s hair and information on how to remove them if matting does occur.


Dog Grooming Apparel: Grooming Smocks, Pet Grooming Aprons & Pants 1

Having the right apparel for dog groomers can reduce the hours you would otherwise spend attending to laundry duties.

An appropriate dog grooming  uniform might be something as simple as an apron that is waterproof, something that will protect your regular work clothing and something that will reduce the need to remove dog hair from your attire

But there is one type of apparel for the workplace, in this case your dog grooming salon, and another type of apparel more suited for leisure.

Salon apparel makes your work day more manageable. This type of clothing is for the sake of convenience. The right type of leisure clothing (with text and graphics) can be worn as a way to advertise your dog grooming services or simply as a way to proudly show off the fact that you are a professional dog groomer.


Make a Dog Grooming Wish 3

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