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Pet Groomer Salary – Possible Salary Range for Dog Groomers 3

Dog grooming – the hygienic care of a dog and the enhancement of a dog’s appearance – is one sector of the pet industry that can be relatively easy to get into with no, or little, experience to start with. Not only that, it doesn’t have the same barrier of formal education qualifications that so many other professions have.

So, if you love being around dogs and are considering dog grooming as a profession, then you will no doubt be curious as to what level of income you can expect.

Therefore, one of your initial questions will probably be “how much do dog groomers make?”.

The typical dog groomer salary does of course vary, depending on whether you plan to work in a salon or become a dog groomer running your own business.

Either way, this article can give you some benchmark figures to help with your decision.