Master Equipment Grooming Tubs: 4 Commercial Dog Tub Reviews

Master Equipment is one of the best dog grooming product manufacturers in the world today, and with good reason – their excellent range of professional grooming tubs includes signature Master Equipment Dog Baths and Master Equipment dog grooming tubs for sale, for dogs of all lengths and sizes.

But which Master Equipment grooming tub is the best of the best dog washing tubs?

Which grooming tub stands out from all the rest?

Here are the top 4 Master Equipment professional grooming tubs, compared and ranked according to factors such as price, durability, features and ease of use:

The Top 4 Dog Grooming Tubs That Make an Excellent Buy

Here are 4 top quality dog grooming bath tubs for your consideration. 

#4. Master Equipment Everyday Pro Tub for Pets

Model: TP364 48 19
Author’s Rating: 4 Stars (4 / 5)

Here’s a Master Equipment tub that provides great value for money.

This grooming tub is simply built to last, and can accommodate dogs of any size with its spacious features.

Its main strength lies in the fact that all of the materials, used to make it, are of the highest quality. The tub itself is made of 16 and 19-gauge industrial, rust-resistant, powder-coated and zinc-plated steel with strong rivets and silicone.

Each tub has 3 one-inch plumbing holes that can fit most standard plumbing hookups.

It also comes with a free tub and shampoo rack to keep your pet’s grooming kit within easy reach.

Simple, strong, and affordable.

PROS: Provides great value, fantastic for everyday use. Easy to assemble.

CONS: The bottom is flat; draining may take some extra time.

I like that it is quite straightforward to put together.

#3. Master Equipment Stainless Steel Superior Pet Tub

Model: TP382 60 12
Author’s Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Here is the very popular stainless steel wash tub by Master Equipment.

The Master Equipment Superior Pet Tub is a versatile professional dog grooming tub to say the least.

The 14-gauge,type 304, brush-finished stainless steel construction makes it amazingly durable and long-lasting.

Don’t worry about leakage, as the tub has added rubber sealants all around to prevent unwanted dripping and backsplashes.

It has 3 7/8-inch plumbing holes, a pre-installed drain and added dog-friendly features such as a rubberized ramp for entry/exit and an adjustable rack that is great for grooming smaller dogs.

A top-notch grooming tub that is worth every penny!

PROS: Looks awesome while being very sturdy. Well-designed strain drainer.

CONS: Discerning groomers may want a more fashionable color.

The drain strainer is quite unique.

#2. Master Equipment BathePro Grooming Tub for Pets

Modelr: TP539 95
Author’s Rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Bathing and grooming your dogs becomes an enjoyable and easy task when you use the Master Equipment BathePro!

This tub is made of rust-proof ABS plastic which makes it very easy for cleanup and maintenance.

How does it make professional grooming easier?
Let’s count the ways:

  • First, the BathePro has an extra-long, 72-inch hose that features 3 spray levels and a temperature control for unbeatable dog comfort.
  • Next, a pull-out step puts the dog in the tub with minimal effort, while the textured basin has a platform for grooming smaller dogs.
  • Finally, this tub has an open back and plumbing hookup is quick and easy.

The BathePro is a boon for dogs and groomers alike!

PROS: Easy to use, provides excellent conveniences for dog grooming.

CONS: You may need to invest some time to learn how to operate the tub’s mechanisms.

Fellow groomers agree that the right tub can make life much easier.

#1. Master Equipment PolyPro Lift Grooming Tub

Model: TP5856 19
Author’s Rating: 4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

Master Equipment isn’t kidding when they say that the PolyPro Lift Grooming Tub is the only professional grooming tub you’ll ever need:

  • It has all the best features of the 3 products in this list, and then some!
  • The tub’s material is highly durable, high-density polypropylene, with removable doors for seamless dog entry/exit.
  • Heavy and large dogs will enjoy the electric lift and the pawprint mat that prevents them from slipping while inside the tub. This definitely qualifies as a large dog bath tub.
  • The 6 and a half foot hose and the extra features (overhead grooming arm, 3 grooming loops, drainage accessories and shampoo bottle holders) are icing on the cake.

All of this at a fantastic price makes the Master Equipment PolyPro Lift the best among the rest!

PROS: A number of useful grooming conveniences in one package. Great bargain for price.

CONS: The electric lift may need maintenance from time to time.

This is one impressive tub.

Other Types of Dog Wash Tubs for Sale

I hope this review of dog bathing systems helps you decide which Master Equipment Grooming Tub best suits your purposes. They particularly suit salons and professional groomers who need a commercial grooming tub.  If this is you, then you also need to treat yourself to an efficient dog hair dryer

If, on the other hand, you need something more transportable, you might be in the market for a portable dog bath.  

Similarly, if you have a greater need for a dog bath tub for home, this collection of dog bathtubs for home use from Amazon might be what you are looking for. For example, the Booster pet bath has been a very popular choice.

Other Grooming Products by Master Equipment

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