Hydraulic Grooming Table Reviews: Groomer’s Hydraulic Table

Having your pet groomed is a big deal.

It’s an even bigger deal when you are doing the grooming yourself. This is where the right equipment is an absolute must.

When working with dogs, a good quality and stable working surface is usually a top priority to ensure that the table does not wobble and thus frighten your valued doggy customer.

Hydraulic tables are usually a great choice because they are both adjustable and affordable. And the fact that they are easily adjustable means less back strain for you.

Here are some popular hydraulic grooming tables currently available in the market.

Hydraulic Grooming Tables Compared

1.  Z-Lift Hydraulic Grooming Table, Hydraulic ComfortGroom

Size: 42″ by 24″

The ComfortGroom’s Z-Lift Hydraulic Grooming Table can be adjusted from a height of 21 inches to 39 inches with the use of the hydraulic foot pump. This hydraulic grooming table measures 42 inches by 24 inches, and can support weights of up to 500 pounds.

The warranty offer on this grooming table is also an added bonus as, at the time of publishing this post, it consisted of a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 1 year warranty on the hydraulic pump.

When it comes to what really matters, when buying a suitable dog grooming table, the Z-Lift Hydraulic Grooming table is, in the author’s opinion, better than model HGT-509 by Go Pet Club.

First of all, the base is quite large, which translates into better stability. Additionally, the table can go much lower than the Go Pet Club’s HGT-509, although not as low as the, currently unavailable, Groomer’s Best model.  The Z-Lift Hydraulic Grooming Table is usually a little cheaper than Groomer’s Best model.

2. Go Pet Club Grooming Table, Hydraulic

Model: HGT-509
Size: 35.5″ by 23.5″

The Go Pet Club Grooming Table can change from a height of 22.5 inches to heights of 40 inches. The table uses a Z-Lift base, which helps give the table better stability by reducing the chances that this hydraulic dog grooming table would wobble or sway.

This pet grooming table also comes with a leash and an adjustable grooming arm. Additionally, the table measures 35.5 inches by 23.5 inches, another reason for why it offers a fairly stable base.

Although this table is rated after the previous 2 models, it is, as would be expected, more affordable.

3. Flying Pig Durable Dog Pet Electric Lift Hydraulic Motor Grooming Table

Size (inches): 43.5  by 24.5

The Flying Pig grooming table has the hydraulic motor but with an electric lift.

This table has an impressive lifting range between 15 and 24 inches.

It is easy to operate while you are working on your canine customers because of its 2 foot pedals.

It is a very solid table, thus lending itself very well to managing bigger dogs, in fact up to 220 lbs.

You can decide which side of the table to fix the grooming arm and of course the arm itself is fold-able as well.


There are two very specific and important features to look out for when buying any hydraulic pet grooming table: stability and adjustability.

With this in mind, we are going for the ComfortGroom’s Z-Lift Hydraulic Grooming Table.

On the other hand, while Go Pet Club’s hydraulic table model HGT-509 comes in second, in our opinion, it still offers high quality pet grooming capabilities and is definitely worth considering when making your purchase decision, especially when you are working with a restrictive budget.

You can view a comprehensive listing of other types of dog grooming tables for sale here.


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