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Learning how to groom a Golden Retriever at home has many benefits.  Not only does your dog feel calmer and safer being groomed by you in familiar surroundings, but there is no need for a lengthy salon stay.

DIY grooming also helps to forge a special bond between you and your dog. Of course it is also more economical in the long run.

Equipment for Grooming Golden Retrievers

Before getting started, collect the tools that you will need. 

There is no hard and fast rule for which tools you should have. However, the following list gives you an idea of the types of tools that groomers find most useful.

The Most Useful Grooming Tools

  • A medium or fine tooth steel comb

Durable Steel Dog Grooming Comb And Shedding Tool,, Pet Supplies Free 65-page Guide

  • A wire pin slicker brush

Miracle Coat Slicker Dog Brush, Large

  • Straight scissors

Choose one of a good quality (ideally 7 inches)

Kenchii Scorpion 7″ Straight Pro Dog Grooming Shear

  • Small round tipped scissors

    For face work.

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  • Thinning shears

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  • Toenail clippers

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  • A non-slip surface for dog

    Ideally a dog grooming table; otherwise make sure you have a rubberized matting placed on the table that you use so that the dog is more secure.

    A table with a grooming arm and noose can definitely make the process much easier.

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  • A good quality blow dryer

    Something like the Go Pet Club 2

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Tips On How to Groom a Golden Retriever at Home

Regardless of whether you are a competitor in performance venues or a conformation competitor or a Retriever owner wishing to do your own grooming, then it is useful to know how to groom your Golden Retriever at home to make her look like a champion. 

For a handy book (with audio version as well) on general Golden Retriever care, as well as grooming, Click Here!

The Golden Retriever’s Coat

You will find that a heavy undercoat in the neck and shoulder area can take away from the outline, so comb with a fine comb to remove some of the undercoat in this area. You can also use thinning scissorsto clean the neck and shoulders. 

Grooming Golden Retrievers’ Ears, Tail & Feet

The ears, tail and feet are usually the biggest focus when it comes to grooming your Golden.

Golden Retrivers Book

The feet of a Golden Retriever should appear compact and round. Untidy hair should be removed with straight scissors, following the outline of the foot as close as possible.

For the back feet, the pasterns and excess feathering from hock to foot should be trimmed by brushing hair upwards and holding scissors parallel to trim off excess. 

Use thinning scissors for the ears – they hide mistakes. Remember not to trim too much, and to follow the natural, soft expression of your dog.

The tail should be made tidy and proportionate to the rest of the body – a long tail for dogs with longish bodies. Tail feathers should appear as a curve, shaped like a crescent. 

Golden Retriever Face Grooming

A Golden can be shown with whiskers, but if you want, you can trim the crooked, heavy ones and leave the fine ones alone.

Use blunt, small Ball Tipped Scissors for ear, nose and face trimming and always use good lighting or natural light while working. 

Drying Your Golden Retriever

Show standards require that your dog has straight hair, not curly.

Show dogs get that nice straight coat from blow drying, so it is important to buy a Metro Air Force Steel Commander Variable Speed Dog Dryer, 4.0 HP.

You can start trimming with your dog bathed and almost dry, or you can trim before bathing and then follow up afterwards with finishing touches and a blow dry. 

Tips on How to Groom a Golden Retriever for Show

Grooming should be done well before show date, and the dog should be bathed a day before the show. Any trimming afterwards should be only for the purpose of neatening the coat. Also, it tends to be easier to trim a little at a time, or it can become a tedious job.

Golden Retriever Grooming Video

Check out this video by a professional groomer to help you master how to groom  a Golden Retriever at home

 The groomer in the video uses Wahl Dog Grooming Clippers which are usually very popular with dog owners and salon groomer.

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