Best Heavy Duty Dog Nail Clippers for Large Dogs & Small Dogs

Small Dog Toenail Clippers

Properly trimmed nails are an important part of dog grooming that is often overlooked.

Since a lot of dog owners do not know how to trim their dog’s nails or do not own a pair of dog nail trimmers, this task can often be forgotten about until the nails are so long that they scratch, start to curl under or even break off.

Not only is this uncomfortable to people, it can be extremely painful for the dog as well.

Owning a pair of high-quality dog nail clippers and learning how to correctly clip a dog’s nails can do away with these concerns, but it is important to know what kind of nail clippers to buy.

Choosing the Best Nail Clippers for Dogs

There are so many different kinds of nail trimmers out there, it is hard for the average dog owner to know which ones are the best.

The problem is that many  nail trimmers available today are cheaply made, cheaply sold and they do not do a good job in clipping a dog’s toenails. Because they are inexpensive, most dog owners buy them, try to use them and end up hurting the dog accidentally. This then leads to dogs being afraid to have their nails trimmed and owners unwilling to do it, all because of buying the wrong nail trimmers.

It is important to buy the appropriate nail clippers for the job, or should I say dog. In other words, if your clippers are too big and bulky they can be difficult to manage on small dogs. Here is a Small Dog Nail Clipper.

And for toy breeds or puppies you might prefer the Li’l Pals Nail Green Trimmer for Extra Small Dogs.

For larger breeds, there are the best selling Dog Nail Clippers for Medium and Large Breeds.

Finding the Best Dog Nail Clippers to Buy

Professional dog nail clippers set the standard for all, both groomers and dog owners. Here are 3 top of the range nail clippers for dogs.

Safari Professional Nail Clipper

Groomers who do not use the Millers Forge clippers often like the Safari clipper.

They work in the same way as the Millers Forge using a pliers-like grip, but they also include the added comfort of a more ergonomic grip.

The Safari Dog Nail Trimmers are also very reasonably priced and often offered at a discount.

The Right Dog Toenail Clippers for Your Pet

If you have already seen the post on dog nail bleeding, you will be aware of how much of a problem injured nails can be. So having the right equipment in the first place can go a long way towards preventing such injuries.

By starting off with a higher quality pair of dog nail clippers, any owner can learn how to properly trim their dog’s toenails safely. These strong, sharp clippers will cut precisely where they are positioned, helping to ensure that only the nail growth is cut and not the quick, when correctly used.

Dog owners can practice with their new nail clippers for dogs by cutting only the very tips off in order to get the feel of the clippers, gradually going little by little from there until feeling confident. Then, keeping a dog’s nails comfortably trimmed to about ⅓ to ½ inch before the quick (depending on the size of the dog and its toenails, of course) should be very easy to do.  

Having the best dog nail clippers, as recommended by customers, will enable any owner to manage nail clipping with the least amount of doggie drama possible.

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