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One of the best ways to learn how to groom a dog is by having access to some really good dog grooming videos. That way, you can play them over and over again until you get the various clips down pat. Or, you can simply replay the sections that you need to review until you are totally comfortable with the various clipping tasks.

The Yorkshire Terrier Grooming video and the Miniature Schnauzer video feature a Certified Pet Stylist demonstrating the particulars of grooming each of these breeds. There is no substitute for professional instruction when it comes to a practical skill such as dog grooming, particularly if it is packaged with comprehensive dog grooming video footage and how-to guides.

How to Groom a Yorkshire Terrier – Video

I know from personal experience that grooming a small dog like the Yorkie can cost anywhere between $40 and $60 depending on the groomer and the length of your Yorkie’s coat.

So if you are a dog owner looking to make some savings, learning how to groom your own Yorkshire Terrier can be a huge plus.
Alternatively, if you happen to be a dog groomer, just starting out, then you will be looking for help on how to become a dog groomer.

So this is an ideal way to start, with some great tips from watching this video (DVD) on grooming Yorkshire Terriers. You can find out:

  • How to groom the Yorkie’s bangs and get a professional-looking cut.
  • How to scissor hair around the Yorkie’s ears (which happen to be very thin) and how to safely trim the face.
  • How to clip the rest of the Yorkshire Terrier’s body.
  • How to do:
    • the traditional cut with a top knot
    • the Westie cut and
    • the summer cut
  • How to express the anal glands and how often.
  • How to use advanced grooming tools including clippers, blades and shears.
  • How to safely handle a terrier and the different ways of holding a Yorkie during a grooming session.
  • How to trim nails, pluck ears, clean teeth

The Yorkshire Terrier, Yorkie, Dog Grooming Instructional How To DVD Video and Equipment Guide is packed with lots of invaluable information for professional groomers as well as Yorkie owners.

How to Groom a Miniature Schnauzer Video

You can also get visual tips and verbal tricks by watching this video (DVD) on how to groom Miniature Schnauzers.

Being able to groom your Schnauzer at home yourself can save your pet the stress that comes from visiting a grooming salon. Alternatively, if you are a dog groomer looking for some additional grooming tips, then this is a very economical way to get some professional instruction.

Highlights of the DVD

In this 135 minute DVD, you can see:

  • How to do the standard Schnauzer Cut.
  • What equipment is needed
  • How to trim nails and avoid the quick.
  • How to clean and pluck the ears
  • How to clean teeth
  • How to hold a Schnauzer during a grooming session

 >> Get your Miniature Schnauzer Dog Grooming Instructional How To DVD Video here.<<

I hope you find these videos really useful in learning how to groom 2 popular dog breeds. Keep an eye on our Breed Dog Grooming section for help with other breeds. Let me know what you think of the videos; I’m always keen to get your point of view and to hear if you have requests for other dog grooming videos.




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