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The Secrets to Easy Dog Grooming
EBook and Audio Package Author:  Sharda Baker

When you mention dog grooming, many pet owners immediately picture frequent trips to a grooming salon. And of course this might be part of it, especially if you have a long-haired dog, but there are many other tasks that come under the heading of dog grooming. It is the between-salon grooming that can make a huge difference to your pet’s health, not to mention making it easier for you to share your home with your dog. This is the area that many dog owners overlook or find it too difficult to manage given limited amounts of free time.

A Dog Grooming Guide You can Trust

What I Like About Sharda Baker’s ebook?

I think it is refreshing to read a book by someone who can really identify with dog owners and issues faced by us all. Sharda is not a professional dog groomer but is writing from the vantage point of a dog owner who wants to keep her pet healthy via a manageable dog grooming routine. In fact, Sharda is the author of a number of dog newsletters and runs her own dog forum so she is always in touch with other dog owners and their concerns. Her book, the Secrets to Dog Grooming, is a response to hearing about the concerns that other dog owners frequently raise. Probably the other most frequently raised concern that I have come across is that of skin irritations in your dog.  And of course dealing with skin conditions goes hand-in-hand with making sure your dog is properly groomed. It was in order to address these major grooming issues that Sharda decided to put together a book based on hours of research in order to get input from the real experts who have years of experience and know what they are doing.  

Get Started Today Leaning How to Groom a Dog the Right Way

The result has produced a book that can really help the DIY at-home dog groomer as well as professional groomers looking to get started with their trade or looking to enhance their existing knowledge. We own a Maltese Shih Tzu and I can definitely attest to the fact that other family members are much more inclined to play with him when he is clean & fluffy rather than dirty and matted. I know that when our little dog started having skin problems I tried many grooming salons until I stumbled upon the one that best suited his needs. There is a very handy section in Sharda’s book that provides advice on how to find a really good groomer, the type of advice that I could have used back then.

Secrets to Dog Grooming – What Does the eBook Offer?

I know that my husband and I spent countless hours trying to clip our Maltese Shih Tzu when he was just a young pup. At first he (the pup) would be agitated and fidgety; by the time we had finished he would normally be dropping off to sleep, totally bored with the whole episode while we ended up being completely covered in dog hairs. Our problem? Using the wrong tools. This is one area of Sharda’s book that we could have benefited from. So the topics that the book covers include:

  • The right dog grooming equipment.
  • Brushing – it’s not as straight forward as people would assume.
  • Brushing teeth.
  • How to remove tear stains.
  • Clipping styles.
  • Dealing with problems such as shedding.
  • Managing grooming on a budget.
  • Nail clipping.
  • Managing doggy smells. (I could definitely use this knowledge as one breed of dog that we have has no smell at all; the other breed makes up for it big time.)
  • Managing dog behavior while grooming.
  • Ear grooming.
  • Nutrition and how different foods impact.

I haven’t listed all the topics or sections covered in the book but this gives you an idea of the comprehensive information included.

Secrets to Dog Grooming – Value Plus

When you download the ebook you also get an audio version which can come in very handy if you want to go through it while traveling on the train or other public transport. At the moment, Sharda is also giving away 2 bonuses but I won’t spoil the surprise. I’ll let you read about them here:

Get the Secrets to Easy Dog Grooming + Bonuses

Let me know what you think of the eBook and whether you are using it as a dog owner grooming at home or in your business as a professional dog groomer.

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